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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance

You will all be aware that the current COVID-19 pandemic is placing strain on healthcare systems worldwide. 

We are working according to guidance from Public Health England and the private hospitals in which we work. 

Currently we can still see patients and undertake surgeries. Please restrict relative visitors to one if possible and do not attend if you are experiencing a fever, dry cough or other symptoms of the virus. The current recommended isolation period is 14 days. 

It is likely that, at some point, the private hospitals will be used to treat patients with COVID-19 and they will therefore shut to routine private care. If this impacts you, my secretary will contact you. 

We are exploring ways to offer remote telephone/AV consultations and we’ll let you know when this comes online. In the meantime, if you would prefer a telephone consultation, we can arrange that. 


Best wishes and stay safe

Jeremy Granville-Chapman