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Diana pain free - after reverse shoulder replacement surgery

One of Diana's favourite creations

One of Diana's favourite sculptures named 'Feelings II'

Diana from Sunningdale had a reverse shoulder replacement with Mr Granville-Chapman and is now pain free and back in her studio making her ceramic sculptures.

Diana’s problems started two years before she finally had surgery. Diana played a lot of tennis over a number of years and was a long-standing ceramicist. Both activities demanded constant use of shoulders and arms. She had extreme pain coming from the left arm and shoulder which extended to her neck, shoulders and other limbs. Her GP referred her to St Peter’s Hospital where she had an Xray showing she had moderate arthritis. She was diagnosed with having a frozen shoulder and underwent unsuccessful arthroscopic surgery by another surgeon.

When her condition deteriorated further she was advised to get in touch with Mr Granville-Chapman. She looked online, found his website and read some very positive reviews. So, Diana contacted Mr Granville-Chapman’s secretary and booked an appointment.

When Diana saw Mr Granville-Chapman in the January, he explained her diagnosis - she did not have frozen shoulder, but had cuff tear arthropathy (degenerative arthritis of the shoulder that develops over time after the rotator cuff has failed). Mr Granville-Chapman explained that Diana needed a reverse total shoulder replacement to allow her pain relief and to restore her function.

Diana was desperate for her pain to stop and she booked in to have surgery at the end of February at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital. She stayed in hospital for two nights and Mr Granville-Chapman came to see her before and after the operation, warning that she might be in a lot of pain afterwards.

Immediately after surgery Diana was able to resume her daily mile walk and, after three months, was back in her ceramic studio.

Diana said, “I was absolutely staggered how relatively pain free I felt after surgery.  Although there was some pain for the first few days, I took some pain relief, had physio once a week and after that I was pain free. My arm and shoulder feel 100% better.”

Diana said “Mr Granville-Chapman is very straight-talking and patient. He tells you exactly what the problem is and how he will be able to treat you - he made me feel extremely comfortable. I would definitely go and see him again and I would most definitely recommend him to my friends.”