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Rally driver Kevin back on track after reverse shoulder replacement surgery

70-year-old Kevin has recovered well eight months after having a reverse shoulder replacement with Mr Granville-Chapman at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital.

Kevin, from Slough, began experiencing pain in his shoulder 20 years ago which got worse over time. Kevin was a racing car enthusiast competing in multiple classic car rallies but when steering he would use the same circular movement which created an intense stabbing pain in his arm. Kevin’s quality of life was severely impacted - his arm felt permanently bent and he could not lift it without enduring immense pain.

Kevin went to his GP and had X-rays showing severe osteoarthritis in his shoulder. Kevin was referred to a specialist and had a series of steroid injections, which provided some pain relief but the pain and symptoms quickly returned.

Kevin decided to use his private medical insurance and was advised to see an accredited surgeon. He looked on the Vitality members’ website and found Mr Granville-Chapman who had a strong profile and very positive reviews.

Mr Granville-Chapman confirmed his suspicion that his shoulder was very worn and did need surgery; injections would only give temporary relief.

Mr Jeremy Granville-Chapman commented ”Mr Haselden came to see me with severe pain and loss of function in his shoulder. Unfortunately the wear was bad enough that only a joint replacement operation would give a reliable and durable relief. We therefore discussed what’s involved in a shoulder replacement, the process of having such an operation and the likely rehab.  

We organised a CT scan before surgery to allow precise surgical planning: this is very important to minimise complications and optimise the lifespan of a replacement. With the implant system I use for shoulder replacements, I can even order bespoke 3D-printed instruments that exactly match a patient’s worn shoulder socket so that I can place the implants in the exact position of the plan.

I am pleased Mr Haselden has enjoyed such benefit from his shoulder replacement, both in terms of pain relief and in restoring function to him.  This is the result the vast majority of my patients experience after this operation and it is very rewarding to be able to help.”

Kevin was able to book his surgery 3-4 weeks later and stayed at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor. Kevin’s arm was put in a sling and he was advised to keep it as still as possible for four weeks.

Kevin said “Mr Granville-Chapman said it would be painful after surgery and it was for a good two months, but I was given so many exercises - I treated it like a workout! My recovery has since been incredible - I have far more movement now than I did before the operation and I no longer have the stabbing pain in my shoulder. The whole experience has been wonderful and I’m loving being able to drive again. I can’t wait for rallies to start!”

Kevin added “From the moment I met Mr Granville-Chapman, I had complete confidence in him. He was extremely helpful and professional. I certainly would recommend Mr Granville-Chapman to my family and friends.”